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At Panoram Imports, we're passionate about sharing our culture through quality wine from Argentina, our catered Argentine Asado Experiences, and Wine Tours to Argentina.

Founded in 2010, the word “Panoram” and its compass are symbolic of our wide, “Panoramic” view of markets and cultures. The venture is the result of a strong entrepreneurial spirit and our dedication to family vineyards, values and authentic experiences. 


About the wines


We source high altitude and unfiltered wine from family-owned vineyards in our homeland of Argentina.

Each of our partners are committed to true expressions of terroir—the character of the land and culture that define the uniqueness of the wines. The altitude of the vineyards and proximity to the Andes Mountains provide the ideal location for the cultivation of grapes. Our products represent the land and the people—passionate and genuine.

Bodega Iaccarini

DOC: San Rafael, Mendoza | 2,788 feet ASL

Founded in 1903, restored and refurbished in 2009, Bodega Iaccarini is a benchmark of commitment in premium, quality wine-making. With thoughtful care for the environment and a deep commitment to the community, family serves as the foundation for building Bodega Iaccarini, where wines are the harvest of their effort.

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Otero Ramos

DOC: Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza | 2,953 feet ASL

The project that Manuel Otero Ramos matured for many years has always been a serious and important one. His passionate determination to build his family a legacy is evident, and one that he shares with great pride. Otero Ramos Bodega de Familia is the result of several decades of effort, passion and hard work.

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Cachi, Salta | 8,435 feet ASL

Nested in the remote Andean mountain tops of Cachi, Salta, this 12-acre, family winery is among the highest elevation vineyards in the world, focused on very limited, high-end wine production. Miraluna offers a reunion with the values of nature, environmental conservation and the ancestral cultures of its surroundings.

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Premium Event Catering

featuring authentic asado barbecue and importing the finest Argentine wines


Delight your friends and guests at your next event with an authentic Argentine asado, catered exclusively by Panoram Imports.


What is Asado?


Asado is a traditional Argentine barbecue.

Panoram’s Argentine Asado Catering Experience invites you to slow down and catch up with family and friends. A truly unique event, you’ll enjoy a plethora of curated cuts of meats and veggies right off the grill. Each course is slowly cooked to perfection over an open flame and expertly timed to be hand-delivered to your plate—all of which can be paired with a selection of the finest Argentine wines. A proper asado is more than just a meal: it's an opportunity to sit family style and share great food, conversation and culture.

Asado is the perfect catering choice for private events, wedding rehearsals, company retreats, or any kind of celebration.

During the experience, the asador (grill-master) will ask for a show of hands to gauge how everyone prefers their steak cooked: medium rare, medium, or well done. The art of a great asado is the opportunity to enjoy the meats right off the grill, and repeat your favorite selections.

We show up with the grills and sit back, relax and


Catering Menu


Customize your asado to delight your guests.

My husband and I just had a wonderful evening with Panoram Imports! Such a unique and special evening with the Argentine asado. Great food, great wine — an overall fantastic experience shared with our friends!