Nested in the remote Andean mountain tops of Cachi, Salta, this 12-acre, family-owned winery is one of the highest elevation vineyards in the world, focusing only on very limited, high-end wine production.

Miraluna offers a reunion with the values of nature, environmental conservation and the revaluation of the ancestral cultures of its surroundings. Its location offers a diversity of unique soil and its height in the Andes mountains is around 8,435 feet above sea sevel – one of the highest elevation vineyards in the world. These factors are an explosive mixture, rendering ideal conditions for the cultivation of premium grapes, resulting in unique, high-end wines.

Miraluna vineyards were planned for the production of wines with great fruit expression and varietal typicity. At present, Miraluna has 8 acres dedicated to the Malbec variety and 4 acres to Merlot, planted in simple espaliers. This combination of limited acreage, high elevation, extremes in temperature and soil conditions all under the watchful care of passionate viticulturists result in a truly spectacular wine – which are only available in small, limited allotments.

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