Northwest | detailed itinerary


Day 1 - Friday | Buenos Aires 

  • Overnight flight Thursday night to Argentina (not included)

  • Land in Buenos Aires that morning

  • Private transfer from airport to hotel

  • 2 nights accommodations in Palermo Soho district at Nuss Boutique Hotel

  • Orientation Walking Tour

  • Progressive Lunch - Eat Like a Local

  • 3-course Dinner + Tango Show & Lesson at Gala Tango

Also known as "the Paris of South America", Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in Latin America and is abundant in cultural, historical and artistic offerings. The name, Buenos Aires, means "fair winds," or literally "good airs" in Spanish.

After checking in, we'll get acquitted with Palermo on an Orientation Walking Tour. Our hotel is located in what is considered the bohemian heart of Palermo Soho and is very close to the famous square: Plazoleta Cortazar; or Plaza Serrano, as locals call it. During the day the Plaza hosts an open-air market where you'll find crafts, clothing, art, jewelry and much more! Buenos Aires’ finest boutiques are here, from clothing stores and artisanal leather goods to bookstores and wine shops.

While we're out, we'll enjoy a Progressive Lunch - Eat Like a Local! This is a different way of enjoying Buenos Aires gourmet life. We will begin our meal by exploring the difference and uniqueness of Argentine pizza - a direct influence from Argentina’s Italian heritage, then we’ll move on to a corner spot to get a taste of one of Argentina’s most iconic dishes: “choripan.” We will end our lunch visiting one of the city’s famous ice cream parlors - a staple Argentine treat.

We'll return to the hotel to relax & refresh before dinner. 

Private transfer will take us to Gala Tango, one of the most glamorous tango spots in the city! Originating in Buenos Aires, you'll get your chance to learn this infamous dance with a Tango Lesson, followed by an intimate, passionate Tango Show – complete with live quintet orchestra as we enjoy a 3-course Dinner with wine.  

 Private transfer back to hotel. . 


Day 2 - Saturday | Buenos Aires to Salta 

  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Private transfer from hotel to airport

  • Land in Salta, city, with private transfer from airport to hotel

  • 1 night accommodation at Balcón de la Plaza in Salta, city

  • Tickets to tickets to Museum of High Altitude Archaeology (MAAM) (good for Saturday & Sunday)

  • Dinner at hotel

  • Private transfer to La Casona del Molino for Folklore Experience

After breakfast and leisure time in the morning, private transfer will then take us to get our bags and head to the Domestic airport to catch our morning flight to Salta, city (included), the capital of Salta province and our gateway to the Andes Mountains!

Upon landing, private transfer will take us to the hotel. You’ll have time to stretch your legs and explore the famous Plaza 9 de Julio located in the heart of the city just steps away for our hotel! There you will find a plethora of street cafés, shopping, museums and two of Salta's famous cathedrals: Catedral Basílica de Salta and Iglesia San Francisco. 

You’ll have tickets to visit the extraordinarily interesting Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña (MAAM), also known in English as the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology. This museum offers excellent insight in to the ancient Incan influence and significant archeological discoveries found in the Northwest providence of Salta. Your tickets will be good Saturday and Sunday, so you can choose when you’d like to explore.

That evening, a Private Dinner will be served at the hotel with a spread of traditional "Salteñan" foods, particularly empanadas! 

After a relaxing dinner, private transfer will take us to La Casona del Molino for a true folklore experience. La Casona del Molino is an authentic "peña" in a 15th century colonial home where locals gather to sing traditional folklore songs as local musicians fill the night with their acoustic guitars, bombos, cajón peruano and powerful voices. Consumptions not included.

 Private transfer back to hotel. 


Day 3 - Sunday | Salta to Cachi

  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Morning site-seeing the city of Salta at your leisure

  • Private site-seeing in deluxe sprinter vehicle along picturesque Routes 68 & 33 to the ancient and remote town of Cachi, home of Miraluna winery

After breakfast, enjoy more leisure time to explore Salta's main plaza and its surroundings! Take in a "cafecito" (little coffee) and "medialuna" (sweet crescent roll) or enjoy lunch at a street café, admiring the beauty of the park and people passing by. 

After your leisure morning and lunch, we'll begin our northwest adventure from Salta towards the little village of Cachi in our spacious, deluxe private sprinter vehicle; stopping for pictures and exploration along the way. A major part of the majesty and awe of Argentina's northwest are the natural splendors along the scenic routes. 

We'll take scenic routes 68 to 33. The road traverses through mountainous rainforest vegetation, where the ferns thrive abundantly over the river that gives origin to the Escoipe Slope. Little by little, the road starts to change, curl, bend and loop as we climb higher and higher (approx. 6,500 ft asl) to reach the Cuesta del Obispo (Bishop’s Slope), where real paradise opens up to panoramic views above the clouds. 

As we continue our scenic journey towards Cachi, we'll move from rainforest vegetarian to rocky mountains where cacti, or "cardones," begin to emerge. We'll take the Tin Tin Straight Line into Los Cardones National Park. This famous straight path was built by the natives and used to cross the cacti desert for centuries. Laid out 9,800 ft asl, the Tin Tin Straight Line is home to dozens of endangered animals, such as the vicuña (like small llamas), small northern deer and large, soaring condors. 

Upon reaching the village of Cachi, a place where the clock seems to have stopped and afternoon siesta is taken very seriously, we'll checkin to El Cortijo Hotel Boutique in downtown Cachi, and enjoy a well-deserved, private 3-course dinner with wine after our long journey. 

Rest up for tomorrow's adventure! 


Day 4 - Monday | Cachi 

  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Site-seeing the city of Cachi at your leisure, with tickets to Pío Pablo Díaz Archaeological Museum

  • Private transfer to Miraluna Winery

  • Private Miraluna winery tour, tasting and wine blending with winemaker

  • Private Argentine Asado Dinner in the Vines at Miraluna alongside sommelier and winemaker with live folklore music and dancing

Cachi was built before the Spanish ruled and used to be dwelled by the Chicoanas, a Diaguita tribe. After breakfast, you'll enjoy leisure time where you can either elect to stay and enjoy the hotel, walk the downtown scene or climb aboard our private vehicle and go to Cachi's village square to explore this antique "pueblo," it's artisan shops, cobblestone streets, and the Pio Pablo Díaz Archeology Museum, where ancient, manmade artifacts as well as dinosaur fossils may be observed. 

Enjoy lunch and maybe a "cerveza" on your own at any of the quaint cafés and little restaurants surrounding the village square. That afternoon, our private transfer will take you back to the hotel to relax, maybe take in a siesta like a local, and freshen up.

Late afternoon, private transfer will take us up into the mountains and to the high-altitude vineyards of Miraluna Winery - one of the highest elevations vineyards in the world at approx. 8,500 ft asl! Miraluna is a boutique, family-owned vineyard producing some of the most unique and impressively refined, high-altitude wines in very small, exclusive quantities.  

Here, we'll enjoy an exclusive, private tour of the vineyard and "bodega" (winery) with the head winemaker, who will take us on a journey not normally open to the public. He will guide us through Miraluna's winemaking process as we taste developing wines from the bodega's steel vats as well as from the barrels in the family's barrel room.

After our personal tour and tasting, we'll learn the art of wine blending and collectively collaborate to blend our own wine to be enjoyed with dinner that night! 

Transitioning into the vineyards - glass of wine in hand - we're greeted to the site of a true, gaucho style, open-air Argentine Asado Dinner in the Vines! While the smell of the roaring fire and asado (BBQ) fill the evening air, we'll enjoy a live folklore band, traditional northwestern dancers and watch the sunset over the Calchaquí Valley. We'll sit family-style and dine amongst the Miraluna vines with the sommelier as the plethora of roasted meats, veggies and salads are passed and our own blended wine we made together served. As sunset passes into nightfall, the stars will emerge like you've never seen them before - so close, numerous and bright that you'll feel as though you can see past the Milky Way as you watch the sky rotate before your eyes.  

Private transfer back to hotel.


Day 5 - Tuesday | Cachi to Cafayate 

  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Private site-seeing in deluxe vehicle along stunning Route 40 toward the celebrated northern wine-region of Argentina: Cafayate

  • 3-course lunch with wine at Hacienda de Molinos Restaurant

  • 3 nights accommodations at Grace Hotel Cafayate

  • Private dinner at hotel

After breakfast, we'll say goodbye the sleepy town of Cachi and head south in our private vehicle to Argentina's celebrate northern wine-region, Cafayate. We'll travel along stunning Route 40 where we'll head deeper into the Calchaquí Valleys and see the legendary Quebrada de las Flechas (Arrow’s Canyon) - fascinating rock formations and sharp mountains that spring out of the ground. Several ancient settlements, adobe houses, cemeteries, and classic church squares are characteristic of the little towns we'll pass along the route. We'll stop for pictures and exploration along the way. 

We'll stop in the small village of Molinos, founded in the mid XVII century, where we’ll enjoy a 3-course meal with wine at Hacienda de Molinos Restaurant.

The beautiful, sandy valley of Cafayate is especially unique with its miles and miles of endless color. The rich red mountains towering above rows and rows of deep green vines are truly the prize for this breath-taking journey that began in Salta. Here, after traveling through the lush rainforests, across the desert and pre-Andean Mountain Range, it is essential to raise our glasses and toast the long road we have traveled.

We'll checkin to the luxurious Grace Hotel Cafayate, which is nestled in the middle of a vineyard surrounding by pre-Andean mountains alongside La Estancia. Grace Hotel's offers world-class service, dining and amenities, such as a full service spa, one of the most prestigious golf courses in South America, beautiful grounds to explore and a plethora of bespoke programs to enjoy.  

That evening, we'll enjoy a private, gourmet dinner buffet with local wines at the hotel's restaurant, which offers a stunning view of the sunset and dramatic, surrounding landscape.  

After dinner, we recommend taking in another spectacular display of stars with a glass of wine and a cigar from the hotel's Cigar Bar (own expense). 

Rest up for tomorrow's adventure! 

Grape Pruning .jpg

Day 6 - Wednesday | Cafayate

  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Private, 2-hour Vineyard Harvesting Experience at Bodega El Porvenir de Cafayate, which includes harvesting grapes with vineyard manager and guides, processing at the winery, and private winery tour and tasting with the winemaker

    • Also includes one case per couple/pair of the wine that you personally helped harvest (delivery up to one year later)

  • Culinary Course at the private winery home of the El Porvenir family, where we'll learn how make empanadas!

  • Private asado lunch with El Porvenir's Laborum wines on the home's veranda alongside El Porvenir winery staff.

  • Priviate dinner with wine blending at Bad Brothers Wine Experience

After breakfast at the hotel, we'll board our private vehicle and head for Bodega El Porvenir de Cafayate vineyards. There, we'll enjoy a private, 2-hour Vineyard Harvesting Experience with El Porvenir Vineyard Manager and harvest staff (not open to the public, weather permitting). We'll venture into the vines equipped with our harvest shears and bins and will experience first-hand the harvest and learn viniculture secrets alongside Vineyard Manager and staff. After vineyard harvest, we'll travel along with the grapes to the winery and experience the wine making process up close and personal. Once at the winery, the El Porvenir Winemaker will guide us through the process and will end with a tasting from the stainless steel vats (not normally offered to the public). From there, we'll enjoy a tour and full wine tasting served with a typical cheese "picada." 

One case of the grapes you helped harvest and turn in to wine will be delivered to you approximately one year later once the vintage is ready and imported to the U.S. (one case of wine per couple/pair). 

Afterward, private transfer to the El Porvenir family's winery home for a private Culinary Course and Asado Lunch on the veranda. Carmen, El Porvenir's master empanada maker, will teach the us the art of making Salteña empanadas step by step. We'll sip Torrontés and cook the empanadas in a traditional adobe oven, enjoy views of the nearby Andes Mountains and wander the grounds. Then, we'll sit together for a private Asado Lunch with wine alongside the El Porvenir winemaking staff, who'll share stories and answer your questions. 

Private transfer back to the hotel for rest and relaxation. 

That night, private transfer to Bad Brothers Wine Experience in quaint downtown Cafayate, where we'll enjoy a private dinner and wine blending experience. Bad Brothers' in-house sommelier will introduce us to Bad Brothers wines and walk us through the art of wine blending to create our own wine! 

Private transfer back to hotel.   


IMG_1847 2.jpg

Day 7 - Thursday | Cafayate 

  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Leisure day!

    • Experience the colorful world of Cafayate on your own. Bespoke programs available to select from (own expense)

  • Asado Under the Stars Dinner with tour guide, chef, host and native: Mariano Cebrián!

Today is your full leisure day to discover all Cafayate as to offer through its wines, its plethora of activities, local artisans, gastronomy and the majestic landscapes and colors of the Calchaqui Valley and surrounding area.

Cafayate has so many fantastic wineries to explore, tour and dine. You can visit a few more on your own today, or we will be happy to arrange a "vine crawl" for you! 

Stroll through charming downtown Cafayate and explore its artisan shops, restaurants, wine bars and ice cream parlors that serve... you guessed it... wine ice cream! Don't forget to check out The Grapevine & Wine Museum (Museo de la Vid y el Vino)! 

We also have a wide variety of bespoke programs to choose from, including: 

  • World-class golf at La Estancia

  • Outstanding Spa Services at both Grace Hotel & La Estancia

  • Vines & Bubbles sparkling wine tour & tasting

  • Horseback Riding

  • Private Plane Ride Over the Calchaqui Valley

  • Culinary Masterclasses

(Reservations & payment required in advance for bespoke activities)

That evening upon returning to Grace Hotel, you'll be treated to an Asado Dinner Under the Stars with wine, grilled by your tour guide, chef, Certified Wine Specialist and Salta-native: Mariano Cebrián; and we'll toast to our extraordinary journey we've shared together.

Rest up for tomorrows adventure! 


Note: All activities and transportation are at your own expense this day, except for breakfast and Asado Dinner Under the Stars; those two items are included..  

Also, like all of Northern Argentina, Cafayate practices "siesta" every afternoon; so some shops and places will traditionally close from approximately 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Day 8 - Saturday | Salta to Buenos Aires

  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Private winery tours, tasting and 3-course lunch at Piatelli Vineyards

  • Private site-seeing along the crown-jewel of northwest Argentina - the impressive and riverting Route 68

  • 1 night accommodation at Balcón de la Plaza in Salta, city

  • Leisure evening

After breakfast, we’ll head over to the impressive Piatelli Vineyards for a private tour of their modern, first-class winery and wine tasting - before it opens to the public! Situated 5,600 ft above sea level, Piatelli is nestled above the valley and offers a dramatic view of the surrounding area. Once our private wine tasting has concluded, we’ll take in this breathtaking view while dining on Piatelli’s alfresco patio for a 3-course lunch with wine.

Following lunch, we'll get on the road for our last site-seeing adventure along the dramatic and riveting Route 68, where majestic, rich red mountains dominate against the impossibly blue sky! We'll stop at natural wonders "The Amphitheater" and “The Devil’s Throat,” where the wind has carved unbelievable caverns with outstanding acoustics. As we continue to cut through the impressive landscape, we'll stop for pictures and exploration along the route.

After our incredible journey along Route 68 back to Salta city, we’ll once again be welcomed into the comfort of Balcón de la Plaza for an overnight stay and good night’s rest. Dinner is on your own this evening. Explore many of the great cafés and restaurants just steps away from our hotel. Want to check out the nightlife? Salta’s most popular pedestrian street, La Bacarce, is walking distance or a quick taxi ride from our hotel and features some of the city’s most trendy restaurants, nightclubs, bars and peñas. Great for a stroll or a bite. Cafe del Tiempo can be found here - the same owners of Miraluna Winery! Great food and live bands.

Remember - Argentina is a late-night country, so most restaurans won’t open until 8:00 PM and nightlife won’t be stirring until after 10:00 PM.

Enjoy the night! We’ll head back to Buenos Aires in the morning.


Day 9 - Saturday | Salta to Buenos Aires

  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Drop off at Salta airport for morning flight

  • Land in Buenos Aires Saturday afternoon

  • Private transfer to hotel

  • 1 night accommodations at the 5-star Sofitel Buenos Aires Recoleta Hotel

  • Private City Tour of Buenos Aires with lunch at La Brigada Steakhouse

  • Leisure evening

After breakfast, we'll be privately transferred to the Salta Airport, where we'll catch our morning flight back to Buenos Aires (domestic flight included). 

Upon landing, private transfer will take us to check in at 5-star Sofitel Buenos Aires Recoleta Hotel in the prestigious, high-fashion Recoleta district.

This full day in Buenos Aires will give us a taste of the city's endless cultural options, beautiful architecture and rich identity of the "porteños" people, who proudly show their European heritage.

On our Private City Tour, we'll learn about the dreams of Argentina's local aristocrats in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when they sought to build a small‐scale Paris in the heart of Buenos Aires. We will journey through the rich architectural history — from the Colonial-style to the French palaces and state‐of‐the‐art skyscrapers

The tour will include visiting Retiro, Recoleta and the famed Recoleta cemetery, where we’ll stop at Eva Peron’s grave. We’ll also see Puerto Madero and visit Plaza de Mayo, where the Argentina’s President’s Casa Rosada (the Pink House) is located, as well as Metropolitan Cathedral - the final resting place of Argentina’s founding father, José de San Martin. From there, we’ll head over to San Telmo, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, then continue southward towards La Boca, the city’s most authentic and charming neighborhoods where Italian immigrants first settled and Tango was inspired.

We'll enjoy lunch at La Brigada Steakhouse, a landmark restaurant that has some of the best steaks in Buenos Aires. 

After our city tour, we'll return to the hotel.

Dinner is on your own this evening, either at the hotel or at one of several fine dining establishments in walking distance. We have excellent recommendations!

Tango Pictures (3).jpg

Day 10 - Sunday | Buenos Aires

  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Visit San Telmo Market

  • Leisure time to explore

  • Sunday evening - private transfer to international airport for overnight flight home (international flight not included))... or, elect extend your stay! Ask us in advance and we can arrange everything.

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we’ll head to the San Telmo Market, walking the cobbled streets to Plaza Dorrego to attend its traditional antique fair which is held every Sunday and composed of 270 stands. It is visited by about 10,000 people every week; both tourists and locals alike!

Afterward, we’ll head back to the hotel where you can explore Recoleta a bit more on your own, take in some final shopping and find a nice café to grab some lunch.

That evening, private transfer will take you from hotel to the International airport for your overnight flight home (landing Monday morning). 

Tour concludes. 


Not ready for your wine vacation to conclude? Want to extend your trip? No Problem! 

Whether you want to arrive to the tour a few days earlier or stay later to explore more of Argentina or Latin America, we are happy to assist you with building out a customized program. After all - Mendoza, Patagonia, Iguazú Falls, Bariloche, Machu Picchu, the beaches of Uruguay and the wine regions of Chile are all just a hop away. Just let us know -!