The asado is the most popular social gathering in Argentina and no weekend is truly complete without it.

It's a celebration of seared meat and community, filled with good times and liberally doused with Malbec wine over several hours. We want to bring this ancestral Argentine experience to your backyard. Mariano, a native Argentine and local wine importer, will be your asador, or grill master.

The vast grassy plains (la pampa) gift Argentina with an impressive abundance of top quality beef. The cows and horses that thrive on these very plains gave birth to the historic gaucho culture where the open fire was the only cooking option...and meat the only dependable source of food. These days there are still more cows than people in Argentina.


Not only is the beef plentiful in Argentina, it's absolutely delicious.

What makes Argentine beef so good? To start, the cattle grazing on the flat pampas are lazy, well-fed cows, which make a tasty and lean steak. The butchers, who take pride in their mastery of bovine flesh, also provide a seemingly endless list of cuts, sausages, and unique techniques. Slow cooking over natural charcoal allow fats to cook through the meat, leaving it leaner and tastier. A carefully curated menu that is varied and tactfully presented during the meal makes and asado, a true one in-a-lifetime experience.


Bring the authentic Argentine asado experience to your next event.

Panoram’s Argentine Asado Experience invites you to slow down and catch up with family & friends. This experience is great for private events, wedding rehearsals, company retreats or any kind of celebration. We will serve a plethora of curated cuts of meats right off the grill – slowly cooked to perfection. It’s an opportunity to sit around a long table and share great food, conversation and culture. During the dinner, the asador will ask for a show of hands to gauge how everyone prefers their steak cooked: medium rare, medium, or well done. The art of a great asado is the opportunity to enjoy the meats right off the grill, and enjoy seconds of your favorite cuts.

We emphasize and recommend eating slowly to thoroughly enjoy this event. The asador usually saves the best cuts (the ones that take longer to roast) for later in the experience.